• Marcelle Marcelino

3 Facts Behind Active Noise Canceling Headphones.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

With so many long and different explanations behind the technology of active noise cancelling, we decided to break it down as simple as possible for you.


Right above we have the H-Audio Limited Edition PH3® headphones which uses active noise cancelling technology to reduce extra decibels of distracting background noise at the switch of a button. This in turns give the listener an exceptionally comfortable and restful listening environment while they are in areas with high ambient noise.

There are just 2 facts to help you understand how this all works:

1. Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Uses a Microphone – Noise-cancelling headphones feature a miniature microphone in one of the earphones that picks up ambient noise. (such as traffic, air-handling systems, etc.)

2. Active Noise Canceling Headphones Uses A Noise-Canceling Circuit – Electronics in the ear piece create a noise-cancelling wave that is 180° out of phase with the ambient noise. This wave acts like a noise eraser: it cancels out the annoying sounds that surround you without diminishing the audio you want to hear. The result…a peaceful enclave to enjoy the music or movies of your choice.

  • Battery – The noise-cancelling electronics are battery-powered.

Passive noise-reduction

Passive noise-reducing headphones and earphones do not offer active noise-cancelling electronics. Instead, closed-back sealed headphones achieve passive noise-reduction by physically covering the ears to help block out external noises.

Passive noise-reducing earphones offer an in-ear design that forms an acoustic seal that helps to block background noise and allow for increased fidelity at lower volume levels.

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